the Australia thing

The reason for this blog as it was originally conceived, was as a means to let friends and family (same thing) know how I am doing when I am in Australia.

That said, it seems appropriate that my first serious entry should be concerning my Australia plans. My plan is still to leave in November 2013 to study Social Work at Victoria University in Melbourne. I have started the application process but need my passport before I can get much further, my niece Mari took a great passport picture for me, but it might not work because I am smiling and the instructions online said to look dour and uninterested or something like that. Also, if I decide to get a hair cut I will need a new picture anyway to match my updated appearance. But I have time, the Australian college school year begins in the last week of January so I do not need to apply until after this school year starts. I do want to apply early though, in order to have better choices in housing options available to me. A year early might be excessive, but I am eager to get going!

I do not intend this blog to be exclusively journal entries about Australia. Although I am looking forward to comparing Australian cultural idiosyncrasies with U.S. ones. And the grammar rules are U.K English, I’ll have to get used to spelling gray “grey” and saying “a fortnight” when I mean two weeks. Not to mention “an historic occasion” when I mean a historic occasion. But thats not all I intend to write about, not in the slightest. I have categories already lined up for political b.s. for religious/sacrilegious ideas (and no idea why the “i” and “e” switch places when the prefix “sac” is added) I have a category for gender issues, and of course a category for poetry and poetry related thoughts. And I may be adding one for recipes because I’ve heard that the food is kind of bad in Australia.

I have a friend who went to college at the University of Melbourne and he sometimes gets this mystified look and stares into space and asks, “how can they screw up KFC…?” Of course, my sister-in-law is Mexican so I am alway tell her that up here we pronounce it “K F Yes.” Speaking of that, what does “cabron” mean? 🙂


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