cats and dogs and chili dogs

People refer to their pets as their children sometimes. How come no one ever asks people to spay and neuter their children? It would certainly make a good bumper sticker.

In general I don’t agree with spaying and neutering animals. It often seems more about control than the health of the pets. Isn’t it more about making things easier on pet owners? Also, it neglects what the animal wants. Don’t you think that most of them want to reproduce, its coded into their DNA. People have already screwed up our own gene pool, we don’t need to screw up all the other species. We’ve already messed cows up pretty bad. I read somewhere once that some dairy cows produce milk so constantly that if they were not milked twice or more a day they would literally pop and die. We’ve made a species that is entirely dependent on human beings, one that can not survive anymore in the wild. That bothers me. I like cats, and I like dogs, and I don’t want them to end up just as screwed up. If your cat has positive traits that you prefer, why would you not want it to reproduce and pass those traits on to future cats? I actually heard someone talking recently about how they were looking for a kitten but couldn’t find one. I’ve never heard of anyone not being able to find a kitten or puppy before, I guess its the Bob Barker effect. Instead of getting a free kitty from the neighbor, guess how much its going to cost…

But what got me started on this track in the first place our messed up human gene pool. I was thinking about the honor student who was at the inauguration who was gunned down. And going back to people like George Washington Carver or Leonardo Da Vinci who never had children. Okay, they both might have been gay, but still, geniuses not passing genius genes on, and all the raping and pillaging throughout human history. I’m willing to bet that its not the choice genes that get passed around in those circumstances. Genes are not everything thankfully, but given humanity’s record thus far, I prefer to let nature do its thing without our help.

From a culinary perspective though, let the gene splicing continue!

But first we need to stop wasting time trying to make food insect resistant or have a longer shelf life. Pointless endeavors that as we have seen with modified corn are doomed to failure. Someone modified an insect resistant corn that died out because natural corn exists symbiotically with nematodes. Insect killing franken-plants kill off the helpful insects and others at random which screws with the whole ecosystem. No, that nonsense needs to stop.

The important gene splicing is the kind that makes asparagus taste like chocolate. We desperately need good-for-you foods that taste good! Why can’t I eat an icecream sunday that contains a complete serving of essential vitamins and minerals? Food needs to be engineered to taste better and be better for you. I want a chili dog with bacon and onions and extra cheddar to clean out all the bad cholesterol from my arteries. I want potato chips that boost muscle mass and contain omega 3 fish oil, but still taste like greasy salty bad-for-you potato chips.

Until the human race can make a raspberry filled doughnut into a health food without sacrificing taste, we are still a primitive species.


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