something I once wrote

No one commented on my “ban Tame sex marriage” image… I’m hurt.

But I’ll live. Not only will I live, I will write something good too. I am not sure yet if this post will be that good something or not, but I’m writing it anyway.

I just noticed that I can set it to publish a post on a specific date, so I can type a post now and set it to be published next week or next year. I can type a dozen posts and set them to be published later at different times. For all any of you know I typed this and every other post two years ago and set them all to be published just in the past couple months. I might not even exist at all!

If I don’t exist, then who is typing? Or even better, who is reading this?

Thats an easy one, no one. Oops! Now I hurt everyone else’s feelings… Not only that, I forgot what it was that I was going to write about… Blogs are great! Aren’t they?

Seriously, I got so distracted by realizing that I might not even exist and that even if I did I might have typed this years ago and might not be typing this now, that I forgot what it was I was going to type. So why am I still typing? Do I really believe that somehow my fingers will remember what it was I forgot I was going to say if I just keep them moving? And even if I did somehow automatically write what I was going to say, if I don’t remember what it was, how would I know it if I wrote it or not? For that matter, what if I already wrote what I was going to say, but because I don’t remember what it was I was going to say I don’t realize that I already said it and I just keep typing. What then? Will you keep reading? Don’t you have anything better to do? Sorry, did I hurt your feelings again?

I like blogging, my head is so much more spacious without all the above crap cluttering it up. I should do a serious blog someday too. Something on poetry. But for this one, I prefer bull shit.

By the way, I dug out my birth certificate (needed it to get my passport), and I was born at 8:33 AM, if anyone wants to know.

Probably not, huh?

Oh wait! I remember now! All of that up there was exactly what I was planning on saying!

Blogging is fun. Pointless. But fun.

here’s a haiku:

dewdrops on moss
pearls of wisdom
few and far between



  1. Just so you know, I’m reading.

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