isms (moo)

First of all, I like capitalism. Second, we are not a capitalist system.

Capitalism works like a recycle symbol, one arrow leads to the next, the next to the next until it gets back to the first. Money moving around exchanging hands providing everyone with the opportunity to get some is how capitalism works. In a capitalist system, everyone plays by the same rules. The system we have isn’t like that.

When a big business fails in a capitalist system, all the small businesses are there competing to fill in the void left by the big one. People who lost their jobs when the big business failed are sought out for their experience by the small businesses who are all trying to become the next big business. They way we have it, there is no failure. Businesses have government aid and corporate wellfare to keep them going. It is not about the system being healthy, it is about people in power staying in power. The result is the system is being drained and people outside the system who are unaccountable to the system are pulling the strings. Which sucks, cause these days we don’t see many hunters or gatherers, money is survival.

But don’t have a cow, it could be worse.

Communism: You have two cows, the government shoots you and takes your cows.

Socialism: You have two cows, the government takes one and gives one to your neighbor.

Anarchism: You have two cows, your neighbor shoots you and takes them.

American Capitalism: You have two cows, you sell one and buy a bull…

But what about the 99% of people who don’t start with any cows to begin with?

American Capitalism (more accurate version)

You don’t have any cows, but your neighbor has two and he sells one and buys a bull. Good for him you think. So now your neighbor has a whole heard of cows and you figure you can earn some cows by taking care of your neighbor’s cows for him and maybe one day you could save enough to buy a cow and a bull of your own. Then you discover a super rich vein of cows ninety feet under your land so you think cool, I’m rich. But instead the government pulls out a loaded lawyer and points it at you and says they need those cows right away and you don’t have the resources to dig them out so they will use eminent domain to buy your land for considerable less than its worth and sell it to your neighbor cheap so he can dig the cows out. Okay sucks, but now you need a place to stay so you rent a place on your neighbor’s land. And now you have kids and more bills and you still don’t have enough saved up to buy your own cow, but maybe if you work hard enough and never get sick you can get your kids an education so they can buy their own cows or be lawyers or something. And besides, you’ve managed to save up a little, you’ll be okay. But then your neighbor notices that you’ve managed to save up a little and he pulls out his lawyer and points it at you and takes your 401 cow away from you. Crap. But at least your kids got to college, even though they’ll spend most of the rest of their lives indentured to pay off their loans. Somehow they owe more cows than they borrowed, and the cows that they earn are tiny and anemic while the cows they owe keep getting bigger. But at least its better here than other places, other places are worse, so you keep telling yourself and reminding yourself that cows aren’t everything, but deep down you know its all bull.

Cynicism is fun. But now I’m craving a hamburger.


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