NaPoWriMo Day 1 Prompt 2

from Chris Jarmick:

“April 2nd prompt is Tabloid Titles.

You’ve seen the ‘shocking’ ‘outrageous’ ‘scandalous’ headlines on the tabloid newspapers at your grocery store checkout. Use a half-dozen or more words you might see used in tabloid headlines to create your poem today. Your subject should not be the Tabloids themselves and shouldn’t be something you would normally use tabloid style words to describe. Any style, no rules on rhyme, meter or form. Have fun with it.”

I think I’ll start this one with creative process notes.
first I am brainstorming tabloid title type words:
the final word
stuns the world
now I am making tabloid type titles about an ordinary event… for some reason I am thinking kitchen sink, but I don’t like doing dishes so how about doing laundry:

Shocking footage of Elvis doing laundry!
Amazing unbelievable extraterrestrial twins folding linens!
Incredible event stuns the world! The laundry got folded! Scientists are baffled, no one knows who did it or why it happened! Mind-blowing details inside!
Experts believe phenomenon may be connected to the Bermuda Triangle, some say StoneHenge used to dry sheets. Socks missing! Scientists baffled! Some theorize the ancient Mesopotamian cult of dryer lint responsible. Are socks being sacrificed to ancient deities? The world may never know…

And then realizing that this works fine by itself, I’m done for the day.


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