NaPoWriMo Day 3 Prompt 4

Chris Jarmick’s prompt is to use four Latin words associated with flowers in a poem. Which prompted me to remember the convolvulus from Denise Levertov’s poem First Love. It was a flower. Convolvulus. It’s just such a fun word to say, convolvulus, say it with me: con-vol-vul-lus, see, wasn’t that fun? So here’s a poem:


is still a flower
filled brim-full of longing
to be what is being looked at
by the looker
looking for a flower
on a rocky Roman road
after rain


still a flower
still a longing
for communion
for a moment come
that was lost
with other moments not so secret


a poet longing to be a flower
before the flower can write
still a moment
beyond grasp or recall
still a flower
after petals fall


and brim-filled
with rain


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