NaPoWriMo Day 6 Prompt 7

but I have no prompt
I am promptless
without prompt…

and impatient
so I guess tomorrow’s post will include two prompts
but for now how about an ekphrastic I wrote earlier today:

after a picture by David Shapiro from the November 2011 issue of Poetry magazine

the whole world
is butterflies
the sun
moon and stars

on Earth
continents flutter their wings
preparing to leave
in search
of cosmic


and how about some nonsense? this is the sort of thing I write when I am not writing poetry:

so open minded
my brain fell out

a big smiley face for that!

then it sprouted wings and started flying away
spiraling toward the sun

its a good thing it wasn’t raining

what color is your brain?


if so you should consider cutting some of the dairy from your diet

Hello Jello
how are you?

Brain Brain Brain Brain

some people say
I have a sun burnt brain

I think its a mistake
to be too linear


makes you glad I write poetry doesn’t it?
The NaPoWriMo site’s prompt for today is to write a farewell poem, so lets try that:

later is a longer time from now
than we can ever realize
time will continue
a bit slower at first
then as projects demand attention
and choirs need to be done
days will slip by and we won’t even realize
it has been as long as it has
when we finally notice the time that has gone between us
there will be a stillness
a pause to simply gaze at our wonder
it will be on a day of such introspection
that I will return


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