NaPoWriMo Day 8 Prompt 9

“Day 9 Prompt

Write a poem that gives voice to someone or several who can not speak for themselves.”

the fire was beautiful
and the star-bursts behind her eyes made it all the more surreal
part of her saw the shifting reds and oranges of eyes closed too tight
as sunset across the whole horizon on mid-summer’s eve

she didn’t see
flakes of blackened skin floating in thermal updrafts
like lazy charcoal butterflies spreading plague to the ceiling
she didn’t hear the pounding on the door

she didn’t know she was moving
or screaming
all she heard was the whisper of her love
telling her it would be okay

then the beeping and the buzzing of bees
and the hazy honey-gold light that became the face of her love
as she composed ghazals and landai in half-sleep
“Great God!,” she wanted to scream, “there is so much I want to say!”


This is about Zarmina, an Afghan woman poet who killed herself by lighting herself on fire. Not my usual light fair, but so what. Here is a link to an article on Afghan women writers:

It does not really follow the prompt very well, but it is something I have been trying to write for a while.


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