NaPoWriMo Day 9 Prompt 10

“If we don’t risk it all, we may as well not write at all.”
– Anne Stuart

From Chris Jarmick:

“Day 10 Prompt

Write a poem that revolves around one or more of your favorite quotes in some way. If it is a quote of more than a few words, don’t use it verbatim but get its meaning across in a different way through the poem. You can do it metaphorically of course or any other way. If it is a short quote and you use it in the poem, explore it, find a interesting, unique and unlikely way to share it, explain it, but with a twist that tells us why it is important/special to you. At the end of the poem, share the quote and who said it/ wrote it.”

and you notice it is all in quotation marks.

Here is a prompt from Jaonnie Stangeland:

“Today, we’ll look at narrative in a different way. Tell the story of the event you’ve chosen, in couplets, from the beginning, through the middle, to the end.

Why couplets? They make nice chunks that you can move around.

So let’s do that now. Rearrange the couplets to take them out of sequence. Like a movie, with flashbacks and premonitions. What tensions do these shifts surface?”

I like this one, and I might steal it and use a variation of it at Striped Water, but I’m not going to write on this prompt just now. This is the sort of prompt that for me will take a couple days to do.

So the quotation prompt, I am going to use the Anne Stuart above that Chris provided, there it is again: “If we don’t risk it all, we may as well not write at all.”

if I told you that I was a hemophiliac vampire with fetish for canned vegetables and sweaty gym socks
we would probably get along even better
don’t judge me because my blood doesn’t clot, I like playing
Risk as often as I can, but it is my own version
it is called strip risk
all that is different from the ordinary game is that you play it in a strip mall
we, my minions and I, play once a week, daily in
May, or nightly
as you might have guessed, some of us are good at it, others not so much, but we all play as
well as we can without worrying about what others think
not that many people notice us, although one guy did and called the police and insisted they
write us tickets
at last he gave up when we invited
all of them to join us, and they did

So I went back to my old stand by the acrostic (though some of the lines are long and mess it up a bit because there is not enough room for them). I think it keeps true to the meaning of the quote, honesty is always a risk, I guess so is dishonesty but in a different way. I don’t want to give people the wrong impression, I’m not actually a hemophiliac. But poetry doesn’t have to be factual to be true does it? It is not a good poem, but it is about taking a risk and being rewarded because of it, and that is a truth even if it is told via fiction. This is why I titled the poetry section of my blog, “only what might be true” it does not matter if a poem is true (fact) or not, what matters is that it is true (relevant and accurate to life and living). I have poems that are factual and poems that are fictional, but as long as they are conveying some human truth, I don’t think it matters which is fact and which is fiction. Truth or humor, or both. So there is my poem for the day and some bonus prose as well.


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