NaPoWriMo Day 11 Post 12

So Chris Jarmick’s prompt for day 11 was to google “Romanticism Art” and pick a painting and write an ekphrastic about it. The picture I found does not look like it belongs with the Romanticism period, but it did come up in the search, I could not find the illustrator or the title, but here it is:


I thought a 5/7/5 haiku would be appropriate:

there’s nothing better
reading good poetry, and
having a warm butt

The day 12 prompt is also a ekphrastic of a sort:

If you do not hear music in your words, you have put too much thought into your writing and not enough heart.
– Terry Brooks

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.
– Aristotle


It’s my birthday tomorrow…so this prompt is sort of about one of my favorite movies, Harold and Maude. As part of the movie, Cat Stevens’ (aka Yusef Islam) music is used throughout as sort of a Greek Chorus—expressing various thoughts. 1. Find a Cat Stevens song you like. 2. Let it inspire a song lyric poem from you. 3. Yes it probably should have a repeated ‘chorus’/stanza (No it’s not a must—you’re a poet—you make your own rules).”

My own rules

this poem will be good
this poem will be bad
this poem will be about something more than is said

this is not a poem about sea turtles
not because there was a commercial before the Cat Stevens clip I used that featured a sea turtle
I am going to say its name was Morton

this poem might be good

depending on the mood
Morton is in when he reads it
can sea turtle’s read?
this rhymes with sea weed
which has something to do with the sea
and no I am not smoking weed
sea weed or other

this poem might be bad

it depends on what Morton is drinking
when he is deep within thinking
on the goodness of others
in comparison the invention of turtle soup

there is something here left unsaid

and that may be the best part of the poem

it depends on whether Morton
is a sea turtle
or a see-through turtle
or there may be a time when I give up trying to make any sense of this poem and try to write another


this poem may be good

who knows?
it may be bad
and likely is
but it may also be the only poem about a sea turtle that I’ve ever written
and therefore worth keeping

this poem is probably bad


But I’m posting it anyway. Its NaPoWriMo, not NaGooPoWriMo, writing good poems is optional. And, though the Greek chorus idea is interesting, it is the sort of prompt that requires a bit more time for me, so I’ll post that one when I have it.


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