NaPoWriMo Day 12 Prompt 13

and from Chris Jarmick:

Make it ominous, dark, perhaps a horror poem. Can you give the reader a shiver or two? Turn down the lights….shshssh.. what was that?”

no need to worry
that red slime can’t devour
all of us, can it?

I have created life! too
bad its unwanted…

I vant to suck your…
OK! we all know what this
metaphor is for…

it burst from my chest
and started eating people
spaghetti went bad…

this thing mimics us
perfectly except that it
won’t do the dishes

Stop! Stop eating it!
Soylent Green is People! and
they taste pretty good…

worst job in Land’s End
cleaning up all the bird poop
Look! is that Hitchcock?

from Hell had their revenge, now
they call him Pinhead

hey everyone look
who’s back, its Michael Meyers
no one is surprised

free swimming lessons
for undead psychopaths, smells
like a new sequel

I had a dream last
night, but then I woke up dead
five syllables short…

zombies everywhere
how to identify them?
first, give me your brain

So how about the NaPoWriMo site prompt:

“Today’s offering comes to us from Charles Bernstein’s list of poetry experiments. In particular, today I challenge you to “write a poem consisting entirely of things you’d like to say, but never would, to a parent, lover, sibling, child, teacher, roommate, best friend, mayor, president, corporate CEO, etc.” Honesty is the best policy, after all, so get it off your chest!”

This is going to be pretty!
first off a note, each line/stanza is dedicated to a different person but it will sound more interesting if you forget that.

what the fuck is wrong with you?
do you keep a schizophrenic gerbil in your skull?
I didn’t realize that it was humanly possible to be such a back-stabbing little weasel shit-stain

will you sleep with me?

do I look like I give a damn?

no offense but please shut the fuck up

why won’t you call me or email me?

that is by far the dumbest Idea I have ever heard

damn… I wish I’d thought of that…

you create your own problems
then you whine and bitch about them
and expect everyone else to drop their lives and rush over and hold your hand

I wish I could be like that


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