NaPoWriMo Day 14 Prompt 15

or, oMirWoPaN! it’s opposite day! …so if poetry is everything… whats the opposite of a poem…?

from Chris:

“Prompt 15 —Opposite. Write an opposite poem. A poem that embraces, celebrates an opposite intention. What do I mean? You decide and write the poem.”

A Poem Not About The Opposite of a Poem

everything is something
but something is not everything

I once wrote a poem about how nothing is everywhere
and when we look for it
we find it

but I don’t believe that any more

I think that sometimes poetry
flies at me from an open window
and I forget to duck

if there is any situation where poetry does not apply
it must be a situation where poetry has yet to find a way to apply

poetry might not be everything
but everything has poetry in it
or it wouldn’t be,
the opposite of that?
be wouldn’t it or

this means something
but is it a poem?
it did not fly at me through an open window
so is it a poem
does it take a poem to know a poem?
so lets ask one of Emily Dickenson’s untitled poems
the one about the thing
that didn’t seem very poetic in the beginning
but had a nice twist at the end
or how about one I remember
Sappho’s one about being remembered

is is a poem because it was remembered?
if I forget a book of poetry
is is not poetry?
if I remember to take the trash out
is it poetry I am throwing away?

how about the opposite of that?
the trash I eat from drive-thrus?

no poetry must be something
or else it is nothing
but what is the opposite of either of those words?
is poetry the opposite of dreaming
and not writing about the dream
if so I could be considered an anti-poet
and I kind of like the title

if you can tell me what the opposite of a poem is
I promise I’ll write a poem about it


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