NaPoWriMo Day 16 Prompt 17

from Chris:

“Prompt 17 Acrostic Poem The first letter of each line spells out a phrase…perhaps a quote you like, or a couple of words that works with the body of the poem or even ironically with the subject and themes of the poem. A couple of years ago I called out this prompt and wound up writing a double acrostic poem in which the first letter and the last letter of the line wound up creating two phrases. Not sure I’ll wind up writing one like that again… but please, be as much an over-achiever as you would like! Keep writing.”

This idea is an oldie and a goodie for me, when in doubt I write acrostics. So to be different, how about a related form, the telestich, it is like an acrostic except that the work or phrase is spelled out at the end of the line instead of the beginning. And for a phrase I am using a quote from my friend Julie Courey, this is what she told the cashier when asked if she wanted her receipt:

“I would love to save a tree, my memory won’t let me”

if I
become a tree, would
I still love
you? or would I ask to
be believed and for someone to save
save me like a
mystic forest where I am a tree
do you believe in my
existence, even if my memory
is not a thing to be trusted, won’t
you believe me, won’t you let
me be a tree even if it means you can’t save me?

turned out weird, but it wouldn’t be one of mine if it didn’t 🙂


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