NaPoWriMo Day 18 Prompt 19

I’m actually a little late for this one, and being late I noticed that this blog is set for the wrong time zone anyway, so it claims that my other posts are also late. I think I will leave it that way for now, no need to be too precise, and besides, I have lots of poetry about time, this just adds to the mystique. Or I don’t know how to fix it and I just don’t feel like messing with it at the moment, lazy has mystique too doesn’t it?

Here are two prompts, one from Chris, one from NaPoWriMo site:

“Prompt 19—The Bible is full of poetry and poetic passages—even if some of the poetry is lost in the various translations. From the Psalms to Song of Solomon and many other passages you’ll see it everywhere. So can you re-cast a passage of the bible into a modern verse that has similar meaning than the original but might be partially or completely updated? You can add other things to the idea (like make it an acrostic poem as well, or write with inner rhymes or repeated vowel sounds).”

“…write a poem that begins and ends with the same word.”

So Biblical passage into rant? You tell me if it works:

a time for every purpose…

a time for bombs in marathons
a time for children to be murdered in their schools
a time for rape and pedophilia
a time for toxic waste and babies born without arms
a time for the news media to ejaculate every fire and brimstone they can find
a time to fear people whose names you don’t know but be more afraid of those you whose you do
a time for death and carnage and self-important thugs grinning at their high score plastered on every front page and TV

a time for EVERY purpose?
every purpose?
why is there time for suicide bombers?
for Cancer?
for Fox News?
for the Westboro Babptist Church?
another capital “c”
do we really need time for oil spills, manmade extinctions
psychotic murderers and google compose?

And where is the time of love and peace?
where (or when) is the time for beauty
for family
for lending a helping hand to a stranger
where is the time for hope
for forgiveness
for a kind word
and for the courage to be ourselves
when is the time for happiness
for going to school without having to hide from crazed gunmen
for not being afraid to go home
for taking a refreshing jog on a warm summer day
without being blown up
when is the time for being human toward one another
or is this all we can do?

I also wanted to add a note about cancer, I have a friend with liver cancer who is simply an amazing person. He is genuine and sincere and is determined not to waste even the tiniest moment of life. But sometimes I wonder, what was he like before he was diagnosed? Would I have still admired him as much when he was a heavy drinker and impatient with work and perfectionism? So as horrible as the cancer is, and it is inoperable and spreading, facing it has brought out the best in him… A time for every purpose I guess…

So the next prompt is to begin and end a poem with the same word, okay!

is growing
in a garden
with laughter all around
it slowly pushes its way
through moist flakey darkness
and finds sunlight
but that is not enough
it still has to reach and expand itself
through constant striving
to find enough of that brightness
to spark a bloom
but it only sparks a bud
a bud that is encased tight within itself
and must be slowly one little bit at a time
but the work is worth the effort
to blossom and smile back at the sun
and at the laughter
of those who have realized
that the pursuit of it itself
can generate its own


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