NaPoWriMo Day 19 Prompt 20

from Chris Jarmick:

“Prompt 20: What are you thinking? Yes, that random thought. The thought perhaps you had when you first woke up. Before you made it more complex or complicated, what was it? If you aren’t sure, perhaps a random thought that started a day-dream…what was that? Write the poem. It can be silly, it can be raw, sloppy, strange, very short or explore the process you put yourself through. If it gets complicated as you write about it—stop and force yourself to get less complicate more simple—and if it doesn’t feel authentic or true then write again or rewrite so it’s right. Don’t worry if it’s a good poem or will ever be published or even that someone else will have any idea what it means. Dare you to share it anyway.”

random thoughts mean random things

there was a cat named meow who could cower under ten carpets without being stepped on
but then it changed its name
to sparky and would not capitalize it
because it was not to be capitalized upon

I wonder who invented the thing that goes blink when I turn around
was it a ghost?

well, you did ask for random thoughts…

as long as language exists
poetry will exist

evolution poetry
ode to geologic process

all stories are on-going

I’ve been thinking of scifi recently and of settings
I like cultural cross sections all being in one place and clashing and co-existing
and of memes
so if there are four aliens in one place
which cultural aspects do they adopt from each other
which came from interactions with other cultures not listed?
and what are each of their world views?
and are there different cultures and races within the alien groups
if one of the groups is human then yes
I think that humans would create artificial intelligence but I think that my aliens would not and would have trouble understanding why humans would want to do such a thing

but that isn’t exactly a poem

so how about these:

(with lines from Edward Lear)

there were many poets
and a hive of silvery bees
there were three singers
and a hive of silvery bees
but there were no musicians
except the hive of silvery bees

all the sailors and admirals cried
when the seas were all dried
when the salt five hundred feet deep
was all the oceans could weep
all the sailors and admirals cried

see my shadow
in moonlight shine or shade
see my shade
in shadow shine or moonlight
see my moonlight
in shade shining like a shadow
see my moving
as a distorted silhouette
a shadow among marionettes
dancing like a bird
attached to two arms
armed with wings
and shadows
in moonlight shine or shade

I am in an Addams Family mood, but I don’t know how that influences my poetry. I think that maybe it doesn’t. So here is one more poem:

in motion
the motion
of motion
is measured
by calling it
is measured
with shadows
of what is
and now was
of what will be
in comparison
with an untrained
wiener dog
named Lucy


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