NaPoWriMo Day 24 Prompt 25

From Chris Jarmick:

“Prompt 25– Write a train poem. Focus on trains. At their peak more than 254,000 miles of track connected goods, services and people. Trains made the settling of our country possible. Your poem can be about a train trip, an encounter with a train, the history of trains, the memory of trains—in any form, any style you’d like.”

and the NaPoWriMo site suggested writing a poem composed of anagram words derived from your name. I see no reason not to combine the two.

eminence sounding in my dreams
each human hand
a different note
a mote
I am
floats on waves of click-clack rhythm
not dreaming
but aware
not awake
but here
the train carries me away
though I remain
only in a second waking
do I realize
I am still asleep

and here are some interesting word combinations I found playing with the anagram maker:

nerd men bend words
I mend

membrane macabre

neon mermen baa

icon maniac member one eon

embrace neon carbine

mambo near

immanence era mob

I guess that’ll do for now.


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