NaPoWriMo Day 27 Prompt 28

From Chris Jarmick:

Prompt 28—Get it wrong. Write a poem that embraces or argues a philosophy or belief that is completely different from what you believe or how you see things. Notice I say embrace and accept this attitude and way of looking at life as if it is truth. See if you can write it without completely losing your voice as if it is coming from you—not simply by adapting a completely different voice or character. If you believed these things…how would you write a poem about it?”

It sounded promising in bold, but as I read it my enthusiasm waned. I am always second guessing myself or censoring myself, I am too worried about what other people think. Too often in the past I have said things I didn’t believe because I was too self-conscious to tell what I truly believed. These days I am more in the mood for blatant and unrepentant honesty. But I’m too self-conscious for that…

The Matthew Brouwer workshop today was very cool. He is full of all kinds or “I wish I’d thought of that” information. So I think I am going to cheat on this one and just include some poems I wrote at the workshop.

We were talking about poetry being how you view the world and how you view yourself and the need for honesty when viewing yourself and writing. I got hooked on idiosyncrasies and went from there:

I like watching the sky fall
some say its just rain
or snow
but I know
the sky is falling
all the time
and it never hurts anything


of self
there is no self
to unwaver
but who am I
if not
my reactions
to the question?


We also talked about dreams, desires, and fear and self-doubt and such that can be obstacles to our dreams. When writing is the dream, and an obstacle approaches, that obstacle itself can be the most interesting part of the poem if you write about it. Needless to say I didn’t quite follow the exercise precisely:

there is not anything
that I cannot do
if I put forth the effort
but the effort
takes too much effort
that I know how to give


limitations meets ego

I cannot psychically
rewrite people’s minds
so that they stop
blowing each other up

what good is it
being god
if I can’t even do that…


writing about abilities and limitations:

I am capable of doing all kinds of things
and now I’m back to self-doubt…

And here are two poems I wrote at the workshop that had nothing to do with the exercises:

Hello ello ello
Echo eko eko
Quit Mocking Me ocking me ocking me me me
Fine Be That Way! that way that way smart ass


it stopped
I don’t know what it was
but it stopped
its no longer raining
the runners
are walking
are being boarded
something has changed
a sound
I wasn’t paying attention to
is silent
the wind is calm
is different
is gone


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