NaPoWriMo Day 29 Prompt 30

I was just thinking that I would put this aside until later… and as soon as I decided that, a poem jumped at me…

From Chirs:

“PROMPT 30 The End. Write a good ending poem. The last poem in a yet to be published collection of poems by YOU….the last time you write a poem about….. ”

I went to a high cliff
and threw all of my poetry
into the air

expecting that it’d all turn into birds
and fly away

or at least
look like birds
on the way down

an updraft
blew it all back in my face

and from somewhere a pen appeared
and I kept trying
to edit poems
as they were falling

I just wanted to let go

but couldn’t

now there is a trail of poetry
tossed in the wind
that follows me
wherever I go


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