6 Word Memoir

A six word story. This one may or may not be considered a poetry form, but I’m including it anyway. It was created as a challenge to Earnest Hemmingway to tell a story in only six words. It was adapted to a memoir from story by some magazine (I forget which) who was challenging readers to submit their memoirs in only six words. This could be your life story to date, what happened last week, the story of a fictional character, a for sale add for a baby stroller, never used (as Hemmingway wrote) or anything really. But you can only use six words to say as much as possible.

here’s a dark one:

train crossing
one shoe
no owner

and a true one:

walking home
door opens
rain stops

and a weird one:

falling through time
standing on sphere

and this one:

nostalgic rains refresh all but debt

and a that one:

Melbourne loves Seattle
Seattle: “Who’s Melbourne?”

and the last one:

white parrots graze for worms


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