okay, I’m here

I should just leave it at that 🙂

but I owe you a recipe…

Here is one I came up with down under:


olive oil

cilantro (not too much)

shredded carrot (not too much)

taco seasoning

ground turkey

a little bit of curry powder

can of kidney beans

cheddar and feta




slice the onion into small slices

grill them with the olive oil

when they are tender set them aside

cook the turkey with curry powder and then drain it

add the onion, taco seasoning and the kidney beans with the liquid

(the taco seasoning packets I used calls for water, the bean juice covers about half the water that is needed, so add the remainder of the needed water too)

mix, simmer, add chopped up cilantro and carrots mix it in let it simmer a bit more

and serve in tortillas with salsa and 3 parts cheddar 1 part feta


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