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April is NAPOWRIMO in the US
that is National Poetry Writing Month
and I have neglected to participate thus far!!!
how horrible of me…
as I am not currently in the US I’ll consider myself exempt

for the sake of poetry and poetry writing and that sort of thing
I am now taking on a project which I have been putting off for years

I have been collecting various kinds of poetry forms as long as I have been writing poetry
and before coming to Australia I organized and narrowed them down to 100 forms that I would like to write decent poems in
and thus my project came to be titled: 100 Forms 100 Poems

so while I am in Australia, and when I am not too busy with school work and work work, I will be pursuing this endeavor and posting the results in the general vicinity of this blog along with a description of the forms applicable in each post

so that’s the plan, I should probably write something…


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