American Sentence

An American Sentence contains only seventeen syllables.

The American Sentence is a short form created by Allen Ginsberg. An American Sentence (as stated above) is a 17 syllable sentence. Typically American Sentences are written with imagistic language depicting scenes of modern life and shared humanity. I could say more, but its a short form so the short explanation works.

Maybe I should call these Australian Sentences? or not. By the way, many writers of American Sentences consider 17 syllables to be a guideline more than a rule…

Dancing to the warning barrier tune while watching his train depart.

Sanitarium? Yeah, she says, its my favorite peanut butter.

You haven’t had a bad day, I’ve had a bad day, says the man with the knife.

Is mass media bad for us, he texts, just before hitting the wall.

Aussies laughing at book of Aussie slang they have and haven’t heard of.

The trick to an Aussie accent is not to pronounce anything.

Australian football, volleyball-rugby-soccer played in a circle.

For more about American Sentences, and some great examples, check out Paul Nelson’s site.


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