An anagram is the rearrangement of a the letters of a word or phrase to make another word or phrase. In poetry they can be used as epigrams or various anagrams and words made from anagrams could be used within a poem to create rhythms with consonance and assonance. A good site which has an anagram maker is

The phrase I started with is: Strange Alchemy and I was impressed with the terms that came up because they related so closely with the terms I started with. Some of the phrases I got from Strange Alchemy are:
Change Masterly
Clergyman Hates
Merchant Sagely
Chants Meagerly

and one I have no plan on actually using (or catching):
Anal Scythe Germ

There were also various words I picked out from other phrases which I thought were oddly related to the topic of Alchemy: Mantras, Satan, Rhymes, Ash, Teacher, Ache, Grace, Ether, Three, Merge, Earth, Legacy, Archangel, Arcane, Myths, Gem, Creates and Lament.

So I made a poem using as many of these words and phrases as I could.

Strange Alchemy

change alters my legacy

a lengthy scream
graces my meager ache

arcane myths
no longer chant mantras
in the night

I am large
without a teacher
large as ether
merging three rhymes
within an agate cage

and within
I am ash
lost to shy lament

until the archangel
set my crest
upon earth
where I began
and where now
I begin

There is also a form of Anagram poetry called a Banagram, short for ‘Bad Anagram.’ In a Banagram you try to make no sense at all. It is a series of Anagrams put together with the attempt to avoid all rational meaning.

the bees are restless
breathless seer tees
bare treeless sheets
rehearses beets lest
release behests rest
healers besets trees

I guess this qualifies…


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