Ch’I-Yen-Shih Meter

Ch’I-Yen-Shih Meter is a Chinese meter with four lines of seven syllables apiece. All words are single syllable words, so seven words per line. There is also a rhythmic break between the fourth and fifth syllables, this pause or caesura can be achieved by a shift in grammatical structure, a shift in the imagery, or writing two complete thoughts. This form has an end rhyme scheme of A,B,C,B.

Also, they don’t all have to be about cleaning out the refrigerator, but this one is :).

all things must end … to start with
things that smell bad … they must go
and things with mold … throw them out
does blue meat stay? … I don’t know…

And here is another:

there was a cat … small and fat
who liked to eat … but not sleep
strange cat at that … then one day
he caught a mouse … and a sheep

he ate the sheep … not the mouse
and coughed up a … wool hair ball
at last he slept … for a time
he slept through spring … and through fall

but late last week … the cat spoke
of things he dreamed … and of mice
though he still slept … he would purr
and dance and sing … which was nice


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