Conversation Poem

A Conversation Poem is a loosely defined free-flowing personal meditation about or to someone dear to the poet. This could be considered to be a variation of a Letter Poem. Conversation Poems were written by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

I wanted to tell you about the stars in Australia
they are so much brighter in the Southern hemisphere
or maybe I am just out more often at night

I saw this orange one while all the rest were blue
maybe it was Venus
but I don’t know
I wanted to show you and ask if you knew its name
or any of their names
their stories and how they connect to make constellations

you were always knowledgeable about things above my head
not the least of which was mistletoe

but that was a long time ago
and so far away

tell me, do you remember that guy in high school
who was always making jokes about everyone you dated
I can’t remember his name
I think he had a crush on you

there is someone here who reminds me of him
but more serious
and not as hyper

you would like Melbourne
it is huge
but has a center
and lots of waterfront areas to walk
museums and aquariums and a bunch of comedy clubs

there are also plenty of lights
but no stars
not like the ones last night
not like the ones you used to name
not the orange one
that might be Venus


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