Cyhydedd Hir

A Cyhydedd Hir is a Welsh form written in two quatrains. The first three lines of each quatrain have five syllables and the fourth each have four syllables. It has a rhyme scheme of A,A,A,B C,C,C,B.

even when the light
sleeps beyond my sight
and bright stars of night
fade from my view

and wind rain and gale
shroud all in a veil
my heart will prevail
with love for you

I am finding this forms project to be really useful in understanding my own writing better. There are techniques which resonate with me, and others which do not, some forms I will write again and others I will struggle with just to write one decent example and then abandon. Many techniques find their way into my free verse as well. By writing in various forms with various meters I am discovering why some of my older poems work and why others didn’t, and I am learning how to view poetry in a slightly different way. But enough of that, here is another Cyhydedd Hir:

warm wrinkled clothing
in need of folding
tells tales worth tolding
socks static stuck

write in hieratic
of their erratic
trip, wet to static
and of good luck

indeed, laundry knows
stories songs and prose
though rarely share those
without a fee

shirts like to be paid
in small sums of jade
underwear, a spade
hats want a bee

if there is no price
too great, small, or nice
for poetry spice
then ask your clothes

for tales of dryers
washing and wires
they will sing choirs
the truth? who knows!


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  1. This is very informative and useful. A few of the forms I’ve not encountered before and some of your writes are quite good, others of course are exercises but worthwhile. Bravo! Keep going! Take care.

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