This is a tough one. A Deibhidhe is an Irish form. It is one or more quatrains (four line stanzas) in which each line has seven syllables. There is an end rhyming pattern of A,A,B,B. Like most Irish forms, the poem begins and ends with the same word or phrase or syllable. Each stanza contains alliterations with the final word in line four and there is an internal rhyming pattern with the B rhymes in lines three and four. This form also requires the last syllables of the first and third lines to be stressed, the second to last syllables in the second and fourth lines to be stressed, and the last syllables in lines two and four to be unstressed.

This is by far the most complicated form on my list of 100. And by the way, it is up to 100 now, and they will continue to be posted in alphabetical order.

Deibhidhe in Irish means, “Holy Shit! are you kidding!!??” or something like that…

under the mountains beyond
is an unstressed rhyme with ‘yond’
it works so well, you can tell
by the strong smell, like a shell

from the sea it must be stressed
but alas I’ve really messed
up this form, sunder, blunder
writing thunder from down under

Well, this is a really hard form to write in English, I’ll post another try in the future…
Okay its the future now. The pieces below still do not quite fit the form though. It seems that getting one part right ruins the other parts…

my syllables are stressing
I find it quite perplexing
a form so unfillable
undressing my syllables

later I will try again
or maybe I won’t begin
frustrate fate and imitate
procrastinate and leave late


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