The Disiassette is a seventeen line poem (it means seventeen in Italian) invented by Ben Cook. Each line is written in iambic tetrameter and there is a set end rhyme scheme. Stanza one: A, A, B, B, stanza two: C, D, C, stanza three: E, E, F, F, stanza four: G, D, G, stanza five: H, H, stanza six: D. Stanzas two, four, and six should be indented.

we are on the same small trend
a vessel which rides waves of wind
and gravity through which we fall
and rise and claim we know it all

    so rarely will we believe night
    can fall, though beneath one’s own seat
    some drill uncaring for our plight

some drill for profit and dust, but
know nothing about reason’s nut
we carry above our neck’s lot
no long-term plans disrupt the plot

    our boat bleeds the bile blood we breathe
    dumb mistakes we’re doomed to repeat
    no matter how we pray and seethe

the ones who won the gold hold sway
and by their rules we’re damned to play

    to live, Goliath must be beat…

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