An Erasure erases prose text leaving a poem behind. You erase the text that you don’t want to use.

So, here is some brief prose from
The bold is mine.

“Distinguished Writer Series
Each month a writer of note is invited to read for 30 minutes at our readings, which is then followed with an open mic. We wish for everyone to be heard and often have 20 people sign up for open mic. I suggest anything you can get on the front of ONE page is ok. So if you write haiku, you can, of course read about 10 of them, NOT JUST ONE POEM, BUT ONE PAGE.”

each writer is followed
we wish to be up for anything

This is from Emilie Rommel Shimkus who among many other wonderful doings is the emcee of Poetry at the Station Bistro (
Emilie’s blog is:
Again, the bold is mine:

“I’ve noted it here before. In the late winter, in between seasons, just-before Spring… I get restless. I become not dissatisfied, but ambitious for things I can’t see yet. I get to reaching for new or different or refocused projects or practices or just states of being who I am trying to be. March is the main culprit. February is increasingly to blame. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, or a warning, or any negative indicator of anything not perfect in my life…. the restless just is. It’s a push. It’s a call. I found out years ago that the husband gets it, which is a relief and a deep comforting assurance of being known. And I am learning more and more each year how blessed I am to have friends who note this yearly shift, take it in stride, and encourage me to lean in, to let the restless lead me on new adventures, small or grand, within and outside myself. From my beautiful friend family this year, I got this art print as a gift. There is possibility for enormous change right now… the specific one in question did not occur, but the world is still wide open for me over the next few months. Anyhow, they found this, and thought of me, and gave it to me, and I burst into tears to be so well seen by people I love. And now I have it in my home as a reminder of possibility and the blessing in my current surroundings.”

before seasons
dissatisfied but reaching
trying to be bad
anything not perfect
years ago
relief blessed and encouraged me
to let the enormous question occur
the world
wide open
found this
and thought of me
I burst into tears
and now have possibility and blessing


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