In a Ghazal every line must have the same number of syllables. It is written in a series of couplets, at least five, the first couplet end rhymes. Every second line repeats the last few words of the second line of the first couplet. The very last line has a reference to the poet, or the poet’s name.

In a time beyond reason
a ghost spoke of the season

she spoke of courage and strife
and purpose in each season

there are vegetables to cut
soup to simmer and season

this is the time for cooking
for courage and the season

when in the kitchen meddling
me blends bizarre seasonings

I referred to myself as ‘meddling me’ but my original idea was ‘the mad alchemist of the kitchen’ because I’m always experimenting and mixing ingredients which most of the time shouldn’t be mixed. But that moniker was too long for the poem…


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