Haiku (575)

The 5 syllable 7 syllable and 5 syllable Haiku is an English language version of Haiku. In Japanese Haiku there are roughly 5,7, and 5 onji, the Japanese sound measurement. But onji are much shorter than English syllables. When first translated Haiku were mistakenly referred to as nature poems of three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Today the 575 type of Haiku has developed a life all its own. Mostly 575 Haiku are humorous, but the only requirement is the syllable scheme.

second opinion
the cyst will cease and desist
the doctor insists

Auntie Homonym
measures her lawn every day
“yard means yard!” she says

when the meter maid
had a yard sale, an inchworm
tripped over her foot

even at NASA
mathematicians finger count
when writing haiku

for more see: http://jamesrodgershaikooky.blogspot.com


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