Khlong Si Suphap

A Khlong is a Thai poetry meter. Thai poetry uses tonal patterns which are difficult to translate into English. For the pattern of rising tones, I am substituting a pattern of assonance around long ‘e’ and ‘i’ sounds, for this to work, those sounds will have to be more or less avoided in the rest of the poem. The form is a quatrain or more with a syllable count of 7,7,9,9 (there are variations) it a break between the fifth and sixth syllable of each line, this is done with spacing. The rhyme scheme is line one syllable seven A, line two syllable five A, syllable seven B, line three syllable five A, line four syllable five B. The rising tone pattern is line two syllables two and six, line three syllables three and seven, line four syllables two and six.

This is a particularly challenging form, but I am certain it can be done well in English, though my example needs a bit more work…

for days I have slept … before
forever deplore … this lack
of desire implore … the shattering
sky my only crack … in this falling


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  1. Very interesting…. I’ll have to revisit. GOOD STUFF ! ! !

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