Raven stanzas

Raven Stanzas are stanzas inspired by the style of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. Think Rhyming trochaic octometer, or two sets of four trochees per line, sixteen syllables. The rhyme scheme is internal and end based. In line one the first set of trochees ends on a rhyme with the end of the second set, we’ll call this rhyme A. In line two there is an end rhyme B. In line three it is the same pattern as line one but different rhyme, C. In line four, the internal rhymes with C and the end rhymes with B. Line five end rhymes with B. And line six, which is only four trochees long end rhymes with B. And all subsequent stanzas continue the same B rhymes. In The Raven there are also other internal rhymes with As and Cs which do not fit the pattern, and Poe uses alliteration and repetition and other devises as well.

The easy explanation:

Lines, rhymes:
1 (internal A) (end A)
2 … (end B)
3 (internal C) (end C)
4 (internal C) (end B)
5 … (end B)
6 (only 7 syllables) (end B)


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