Wolf Stanzas

Wolf Stanzas are a form created spontaneously by Brendan McBreen. The original poem was about a wolf (hence the name) and it was three perfectly matched stanzas. Each stanza has seven lines. Line 1 is one word, two syllables, line 2 is two words two syllables, 3 is three words three syllables, 4 is two syllables, 5 is five syllables, 6 is three syllables, and 7 is five syllables.

The Wolf

the wolf
thin and sly
you howl
twinkle in your eye
at the moon
in the midnight sky

the night
is your own
yours and yours alone
quick you run
through the wood of home

chill mist
hear your tune
you hunt
ghosts through the damp gloom
howls once more
at the pale full moon


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