from poetry to food

This is a quick break from poetry to post a couple recipes I’ve discovered.

The first one started out with a conversation on vegetables, particularly baked with a roast of some sort. That got me hungry, but I’m not sure how to go about making the roast and the oven I have is a really Australian contraption that I only half know how to use. So instead of baking I went with a tried and true artery clogging frying pan, and it turned out pretty good.


a big onion (brown)
one red potato
one orange carrot
some baby corn
one green pepper
a clove of garlic

olive oil


beef cut into bite-sized pieces

steak sauce
barb-e-cue sauce
Worcestershire sauce

shop the veggies and green pepper really small and throw all but the garlic into a frying pan with olive oil
coat with basil and dill and salt and pepper
and cook a while then add garlic
and cook some more until the potatoes are soft and the onion lightly singed
then set it aside

cook the beef with salt and pepper
when its all done
add the steak sauce
* this is where it went wrong for me, I couldn’t find A-1 sauce so I used a generic steak sauce that didn’t have the same kick and also it turned out to be really runny, so I spilled it and drowned the beef in it… however it turned out good anyway. After I dumped way too much in, I tasted it and realized it needed something, so I added about a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and the barb-e-cue sauce. *
with way too much sauce I had to let it boil off
which turned out to be a good idea because it intensified the flavor

when the meat and sauce is no longer runny mix the veggies back in and stir it up really good

I wasn’t expecting much when I made this, but it turned out really good so I thought I should post it 🙂

The second recipe is Peruvian:

Canadian style bacon (or ham)
olive oil

you chop the bacon and garlic fine and cook it in the olive oil
cook the spaghetti
mix the eggs and milk (I didn’t catch how much) mix in the cooked bacon and garlic
and right after you drain the spaghetti
you mix in the egg/milk mixture
the idea is that the spaghetti will still be hot enough to cook the egg sauce as you mix it in

and that’s all my recipes for today

and happy everything!


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