been a while!

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything at all let alone any poetry!

However April is drawing near and April is NaPoWriMo! National Poetry Writing Month! So I will be writing a poem a day and posting them through the month of April. Not that I don’t usually write something every day, its just most of that isn’t post-worthy. But! April is different, its NaPoWriMo, so it doesn’t matter whether its a masterpiece or just some scribbles, its the attempt that counts! And it is an opportunity to show aspects of my writing process, not just the polished end result. So I guess I’m sharing this with all two of my followers 🙂

Anyway, my list of poetry writing prompts is complete! I am all set… now I just have to wait until its actually April… but I’m impatient so I may start early!

But not today 🙂



1 Comment

  1. I don’t know about your other follower however I’ll view view aspects of your writing process, but do expect at least one polished end result, if not a masterpiece.

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