NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 1

From Chris Jarmick, day one’s prompt is an Ekphrastic poem.

My Prompt for day one is this:

Pick any poetry book, pick any page ending in the number 5, find the last line on that page and write a poem using that line as the first line.

First, the Ekphrastic (a poem inspired by a piece of art usually a painting)

I’ve been looking at El Greco paintings recently and being fascinated at how he uses light in his pieces and wondering how (if possible) that such use of light to create focal points can be used in poetry.

From ‘Mary Magdalen in Penitence’ by El Greco (sorry I’m not including a copy of the picture, I’m still having some computer issues)

The skull
on her bible creates its own shadow
almost a hole in the world
she gazes into light
which radiates from her
as well
all lines lead
to startled curiosity
her eyes long
for something more than touch

And for my prompt, I’ve selected at random (I grabbed a book from the shelf without looking) ‘Cures Include Travel’ by Susan Rich, honest it really was random! Even though she is featured at the Station Bistro tonight. How about page 15.

‘Morphine placed by her bedside’
glowers in the half dark
she laughs and tries to ignore
a lifetime’s worth of voices
fluttering just beyond her better judgement
she wants sleep
she doesn’t want to wake up
she wants to feel and to be numb at once
but she is awake
she can’t feel
and she feels too much
so it was truly as surprise
when she found as dawn light trickled in
that she woke
and couldn’t remember

Yay! for NaPoWriMo!


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