NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 2

From Chris:

“Use 5 to 10 plainly stated observations in a poem at least 6 lines long.”

I’ve been writing down observations throughout the day, here are some:

ooo bluebells!

are those cocoons from butterflies and moths or eggs of spiders?

blue spot on my finger

the little moth on the insect screen

the printer is off

blue bells, mint, violets with no flowers, its raining

crushed velvet inside the guitar case

and the poem:

more purple than the blue spot on my finger
my excitement seeing bluebells
but above them
on the fence
are those cocoons from butterflies and moths
or are they the eggs of spiders?
the printer is off
but its raining
on the bluebells
on the mint
on the violets with no flowers
the printer is off
and I’m thinking of the crushed velvet inside your guitar case
more purple than blue
me more blue
without you

My prompt is to write a poem (in any style) giving voice to an inanimate object.

(because I didn’t include it in the other poem)

insect screen

Aaaah! yuck! bugs walking all over me!
their hairy sticky legs probing antennae
and the moth!
its trying to chew through my strands!
I need an insect screen!
yes, I know I AM an insect screen
but all the bugs! aaah! eeeew!
get them off me!

I don’t envy insect screens, but better them than me 🙂

Tomorrow, NaPoWriMo day 3, I have a special prompt for anyone who has ever submitted poetry to journals or contests, and for the editors of those journals and contests 🙂

Also I think its about time we classify smileys and other emoji as punctuation 😉

Happy NaPoWriMo!


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