NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 3

From Chris:

“Here’s a list of 12 words. Choose at least 5 and write a poem between 4 and 10 lines.”

bulb , market, cantankerous, filthy,
less, perception, square, blooming,
carnival, pilfer, remnant, blood.

his perception was a blooming carnival
of blood and filthy markets in the square
he was only looking for a light bulb
or less, just a remnant of his former self
he would pilfer any light he could find
just then a cantankerous voice boomed
curdling the blood still in his veins
the voice paused and then whispered
“you need to pick up some soap too”
for the rest of his life, he smelled fresh and had plenty of light bulbs

From me:

Write a rejection letter in the form of a poem 🙂

the poem that you have submitted
is wonderful beyond compare
we cannot us it in this issue
we tried but it has never fitted

please send us another though
we are interested in reading more
even more than that if you please
subscribe to our journal please!

One more?

it is clear form your submission
that you have not read our journal

we seek poems of modern moments
yours is a sign of the times piece

we seek eloquence and baroque
yours is well crafted and frilly

it would be silly to accept your piece
when what we want is one just like it


we do not accept your poem
it is far far too damn long

we want pieces not too short
that fit into our own forte

but yours is simply too long
and not story but a song

I don’t know why I’m rhyming
we don’t accept that either

And three makes four.

thank you for your interest in our publication
we hope you will think of us again
and maybe even buy a subscription
and tell all of your friends
but please under no circumstances
send us any of your terrible poems again!


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