NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 4

From Chris:

“Write a poem inspired by a song.”

“Time” by Kim Petras

Generic 90’s pop?
Maybe a little better than generic.
“even as time tears us apart”
“we have (had?) the life we never knew we would”
I like the lyrics, and I’m tired, and there are just so many songs to choose from. So I’ll just make it easier (or harder?) on myself and pick this one. Also, I like the subject of time, I have written poems about time before and tend to like them.

after Kim Petras

“time is passing fast”
leaving us in a slower lane every day

but the world hasn’t crumbled
the world hasn’t exploded

despite mistakes
despite success
despite spite
despite good intention gone wrong
despite missed opportunities
despite me and you

we’re still here
more or less

and time
hasn’t the time
to laugh
at our old worries

but we do

so why aren’t we?

From me:

It’s a full moon tonight, so get out your silver bullets and write a poem inspired by the moon. There is a long tradition of moon poems so it is a topic which has been thoroughly explored, but there is still plenty of room for innovation and unusual perspectives. Besides, moon poems don’t have to be about the moon, the moon just happens to be there in a poem about something else, but it could also be about the moon too.

on the seventh day
after six days of partying
God said to the Moon,
“what happens on Earth, stays on Earth”

This is kind of short, how about another one?

planets make stars flicker
moons make planets flicker
we sparkle for each other
signaling potential for life
to the cosmos

I could do better, but that isn’t the point. NaPoWriMo is about writing, the quality of the writing isn’t the issue. I think NaPoEdMo (National Poetry Editing Month) is May 🙂

When I was in Australia there was a news story about the completion of a new North South rail line ending in the Northern Territory. The people of this one town (I forget the name) decided to commemorate the first train to travel this newly completed track in a traditional manner. The whole town lined up along the tracks and mooned the train. Row after row of bright shiny sideways smiles. And you thought Earth only had one moon…


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