NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 5

From Chris:

Easter… Ancient Biblical Poetry… Acrostic… and so forth…

I always prefer phrase acrostics to letter/word acrostics, that is to say I would rather start each line with the word of a phrase rather than just a letter to spell a word. So here is a quote from Proverbs 17, “If anyone returns evil for good, evil will not depart from his house.”

if I turn the other cheek
anyone can see I seek good
evil may strike
for the sake of
evil may came from evil
not from any outside source it may
depart on friendly terms or arrive
from wicked lips
his goal being evil he will build a
house in our hearts to try and turn our cheeks away from good deeds

I like acrostics 🙂 Here is another quote from Proverbs 17, “Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.”

even if I were to believe you
a not so probable event to begin with, I’d be a
fool to let you know
who I do trust, who
keeps their promises and stays
silent while you eat your own foot, which
is something you do a lot, I understand its
wise by your followers…
when you think about it
he who
his mouth and keeps his
lips moisturized
is the one I would listen to, if he
deemed to ever say anything at all… and of course I’d find it very
intelligent, but only if I agree with it…

From me:

Explore a childhood memory relating to food and write a poem from this memory.

When I first started compiling this list in early March, this prompt and the day six prompt inspired me to write pieces right away. But now, having written those pieces, I’m drawing a blank. I don’t want to rehash the same event, but not a whole lot else comes to mind… Fortunately, I’m writing this six hours before the fifth, so by the time its actually time to write the poem I will likely have thought of something.

(sixish hours later)

Ok, I have various notes on various food related things.

The frozen pizza my brother and I used to dress up during the summer with lunch meat extra cheese and red pepper after walking to the video store and back and renting something from the dollar shelf, UHF, or War of the Worlds, or Alien or something. I’m talking about renting VHS tapes with “be kind, rewind” stickers on them from an actual building for a week for only a dollar… Sounds surreal doesn’t it? That store changed hands and names so many times, but I can’t remember any of the names, it’s a pawn shop now.

The banana shakes (vanilla ice cream bananas and milk and a blender) we made when the bananas got uneaten and a bit too spotty. And the swarms of fruit flies which assailed us when we picked them up. Which is why I keep fruit in plastic and in the refrigerator now, but my dad still leaves the bananas out uncovered… I guess he has a thing for fruit flies…

But no neither of those for the prompt, because I thought of an Easter related food memory! And probably not surprisingly it involves Easter Eggs. Or I could write about eating chocolate bunnies head first… but no, some other time.

I remember them as sweet
thought they were just boiled eggs
maybe I remember thinking they should be sweet
with blue and pink seeped through into the yolk
all the not so intricate brushwork gone
crumbled into colorful confetti in the trash
and the smell slightly sulphury
as I dipped the thin brush into darker food coloring
while the egg sat half submerged in its metal cradle
I’d draw zigzags and flowers and stars and moons
when dry they were only so much blurring
or grainy spirals where the dye couldn’t stick to crayon wax
but they were colorful and bright and enough
there were four of us, my mom, dad and brother
we each had six or so eggs to hide from the rest
I remember the sunlight beams through the window
the potted plants whose Latin names on plastic tabs which confounded me
all my eggs hidden and all my eggs found
I was asked specifically if the others had found all of my eggs
my attention on the chocolate bunny I said yes
I did actually think they were all found
until weeks later when we found the last one by smell
in the piano, right where I’d forgotten I put it


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