NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 6

From Chris:

“River names. Gather a list of Rivers… perhaps begin with Rivers that are close to where you live and expand to your state or perhaps the place where you were born or even to the place where your ancestors came from. Use the names of at least 4 Rivers in your poem… but not as Rivers… as Names of other things… or as substitute names for other things. Be creative. Can you use a River name in every other line of your poem?”

I found a Wikipedia page listing rivers of Washington State. There are some odd ones I haven’t heard of like Goblin Creek and Troublesome Creek and Money Creek and Fourth of July Creek, Mad River, but also many I’ve heard of, here are a few more, starting around Auburn, Stuck River, Green River, and a few other places I’ve been, Nisqually River, Sammamish River, Puyallup River, Skagit River, White River, and some that just sound cool, Hamma Hamma River, Grey Wolf River, Humptulips River, Hoko River, Klickitat River, Sol Duc River, and because of the poetry and lit journal named after it, Crab Creek.

Other than saying that the Skagit Valley Tulip Growers Association is having serious problems with a troublesome goblin named Humptulips, I’m not sure where to go with this…

I’m stuck without a river… Your soul is a duck? Mad River Bowling league? Go Money Creek yourself… Can you smell the Fourth of July Creek in the air tonight? The Hoko River glowing on the fire. Shouldn’t it be Hamma Hamma River River? Don’t be a troublesome creek. I heard the Klickitat River, but didn’t answer.

Yay! Finally a line to start with!

I heard the Klickitat River, but didn’t answer
my Sol Duc was overflowing
and you sounded like a Mad River
rattling your Troublesome Creek in my direction
the look of Sammamish in your eyes
I gave you Goblin Creek
and in return you gave me Puyallup
if it wasn’t for Fourth of July Creek, we’d be even

Don’t ask me to elaborate, I think that’s perfectly understandable as it is. Maybe I’ll figure out what to do with this exercise when I read some other people’s attempts…

From me:

Write a poem describing a dream or fragments of a dream you remember.

I haven’t remembered any particular dreams recently, just fragments, and here they are.

there were spiders and a fly
the fly won
I remember the sound of people walking
but there was no red
only the haze of not paying attention to anything else
and there were trees
and shadows
and just as things were about to be explained
I woke up


1 Comment

  1. KLast

    Your river poem is absolutely fantastic.

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