NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 7

They say great minds think alike… but then again, so do crazy people.

My prompt and Chris’s prompt are sort of similar today. I expected a few similarities with other people’s NaPoWriMo prompts just because there are many good ideas that provide good material again and again. I was expecting the moon prompt on the day of the full moon to be repeated by someone just because it was so timely, though it didn’t happen. And holiday prompts are a bit predictable too, I’ve dealt with them in one fell swoop prompt for later in the month. I also noticed that Elizabeth Austen’s food prompt was similar to mine too though on different days. This is to be expected, but to have two non event related prompts so similar on the same day is a bit odd. Although I think Chris’s is way too complicated, I just picked random numbers…

From Chris:

“Using words from a book, create a poem either 6, 8, 10 or 12 lines long. The theme should have something to do with the theme or main plot or sub-plot of the book you use to get your words.”

The Poetics of Numerology?

“Find a book that has at least 300 pages. Turn to the page that corresponds with the year you were born… 60 for 1960 for example and then count from the top of the page your birth month number…”

“4 for April. The 4th word or the next word after the 4th word that has five letters or more will be used in the first line of your poem. Count back from the last word on the page the birth DAY of the month… if you were born on the 15th of the month… your number is 15. So the first word either at 15 from the bottom or thereabout that has more than 5 words is the word you will use in the second line of your poem.”

“Now we will go to page 200 of the closes page to 200 that has a full page of text. The first numbers of your street address… if it is 1517 Lake Avenue… than that would be 1 and 5. From the top of the page you’d use the 1st word… or the 1st word with 5 or more letters and that would be the word you used in the 3rd line of your poem. The next number is the one use to count from the bottom of the page… in this example it would be 5 and that word you would use in the 4th line of your poem. Now count from the top how old you are… and the first 5 letter word is the word you use in the 5th Line of your poem.”
“Choose one of the words from the title of the book to use as the word you use in the 6th line of your poem. You can continue….” But lets stop here…

The book is Soul Catcher by Frank Herbert (though it is less than 300 pages, it works for the six line poem). The words in order are: would, ground, anger, appeared, slope, and catcher.

would that the sky would part
and the ground would split
and anger would be washed away
gone as quickly as it appeared
down a slope never to return
and we would catch each other in our hearts and balance would be restored

From me:

Find a book which has more than 100 pages, take the first substantive words from pages 73, 2, 16, 94, 19, and 50 and create a poem in which those words appear in the poem in the same order listed here.

Different book, The Compass Rose by Ursula K. Le Guin. The words in order are: except, messages (page 3 cause 2 is blank), interesting, against, caught, and evasive.

except for the messages
warning me of interesting times
and against being caught by
possums in tuxedoes
I had a good time
though I must be evasive
about who left me those messages
suffice to say
I have connections to crazy poets
and an active imagination
if that isn’t enough of an answer
I’m sorry
but I must run
the possums are hungry
and in an unsettling way
I think you are too


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