NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 8

From Chris:

“Let’s write a poem using Feminine Rhyme or double rhyme (sometimes also triple rhyme). Most often poems use masculine rhyme (cat, bat, rat . . .) Feminine Rhyme uses double or triple rhymes with the stress on the second to last rhyme. Examples: meeting, greeting, motion, ocean, exciting, inviting. You can use any rhyme scheme you’d like AA, ABA, ABAB etc. Choose your own theme or subject.”

if I finish
around tenish

would you soften
your too often

missed and ignored
plain as fjords

rules for rhyming
and stop miming?

From me:

Write a poem in which each line says the opposite of the line above it.

I’m better with a topic
and worse without purpose
but I do like forms
and chaos too

in the middle of the night
at high noon
a mummy
allergic to cotton
was born with two heads
but only had one
he ran until it rained
walking most of the way
in a drought full of fish
swimming with mosquitoes
this mummy
wasn’t a mummy
wrapped around a tree
and fell down
standing up
there was a buzzing sound
all was silent
in between
and all around
the music grew louder
as the quiet overpowered
and as the sun came up
night began
the mummy
who wasn’t a mummy
quit the band
and played all night

in a drafty room
the air was still
there stood a potato
sitting on a hill
one day a storm awoke
and slept in clear sky
the ground shook
and the air was still
the potato grew
and shriveled away
it all happened in a day
ten thousand years
until the storm dried up
and washed the rain away

when the plants sing
stars grow green
and apples grow
and air decays
three branches sprouted
and tunneled into earth
the mole was amazed
he saw the same thing yesterday
the sky smelled of roses
or so the astronauts say



  1. Excellent, thought provoking AND entertaining work!!!!


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