NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 10

A little late, but better a little late than a little never, which would of course never happen or if it did would happen only a little bit…

From Chris:

What’s a meta for?

“Dead Metaphors. We take many metaphors for granted. They have become such common cliché parts of our speech they have lost their impact to the point that a once memorable metaphor has become an interesting as a modifier like the word ‘the’. Shall we ‘get to the heart of the matter’ then? Examine and re-purpose metaphors that have grown stale or are rarely used and bring attention to ones that are too common in a new way. Do you stop and think about… the ‘mouth of a river’, ‘veins of minerals’ in the ‘bowels of the earth’? What about ‘weeping willows’, or ‘crack of dawn’? Can you bring new life and purpose to at least 3 ‘Dead as a doornail’ or very common metaphors in your new poem today? Let’s ‘dive in” and see what we come up with shall we?”

this prompt could drive me nuts
or maybe I should just walk nuts?
its close after all
after all of what?
after all of the cats and dogs its been raining
which is better by far
than raining hedgehogs and porcupines
but I digress
meaning I was sidetracked
it was the topic’s fault not mine
that’s it, it was the fault’s fault
an earthquake made the track tip over on it’s side
okay so maybe I’m a basket case
case filed under ‘B’
just in case
there is no case to put just in
lets say you’re a sight for sore eyes
I’m sorry but my eyes aren’t sore
I didn’t look up
when it was raining hedgehogs
I was getting my groove on
I think that means my clothes are wrinkly

From me:

What is Poetry? Write a poem which answers this question.

And don’t say poetry is everything, that’s cheating (which is also poetry).

poetry is a proposition between what is and what could be
poetry might be what it could be if it were possible for poetry to be more than poetry
which it is

poetry is the distinction between right and wrong
poetry is the gray between

it is when a flower can’t find any bees
it is when the rain grows only dust

poetry is a wind
going in circles
it is the reason whales can’t fly

poetry isn’t profound and it isn’t absurd
but sometimes it is

poetry is why poets write
poetry is
and that’s why

but what is poetry?
poetry is what happens when oxygen ignites in between past present and future and prompts a brain to malfunction is a good way

or maybe its just a sequence of words

or a kayak on the thirty seventh floor of a skyscraper

or specific details
or an idea trapped in words
which only breaks free when its read or heard

poetry is the end result of evolution
or is it only the first step?

poetry is the poem itself
but perhaps not this poem


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