NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 13

From Chris:


This is a bit disjointed, but it works, sorta, maybe not as a whole, but there are some lines I may use in later pieces. It is from the first 30 pages of A Guide to Rocks & Fossils by Arthur B. Busbey III, Robert R. Coenraads, Paul Willis, David Roots, and introduction by Harrison H. Schmitt.

the valley of Taurus – Littrow
lunar velvet

75 hours of evolution
splashing chemically embedded topics
into the great thrill of Dreamtime

God found this specimen
rather pseudoscientific

hidden apparently underground
fossils of the Devil
work construction
in large areas
another theory
combined sedimentary rock
in layers
to establish fission

atoms emit visible death
unfortunately human dating techniques
ensure erroneously realized common sense

never act on someone else’s friendly reception

another puzzle

Here is another short one from The Art of War, Sun Tzo with a forward by James Clavell.

this extraordinary half neglected genius
could not pass
his favorite drink
‘Napoleon’s thirteen automatic disorders’

From me:

Read the ingredients label on a food item and write a poem containing those ingredients. Feel free to refer to the ingredients as something other than what they are, they can be place names or people or they can be ingredients.

Cascade Ice Cranberry Pomegranate Naturally Flavored Sparkling Water

carbonated water
pear juice concentrate
citric acid
tartaric acid
natural flavor
red # 40
blue # 1

Sucralose was awash in natural flavor
he bathed in citric acid daily
and tartaric acid on weekends
but his carbonated water days were behind him
and pear juice concentrate was on the horizon
so he decided to move to Benzoate
he packed and caught the Red # 40
and was soon on his way
until he met the woman wearing Blue # 1
then all his well laid plans
cascaded away one after another
and he didn’t regret any of it

Chipotle Tabasco

chipotle pepper
distilled vinegar
onion powder
garlic powder
TABASCO Brand Pepper Pulp
red pepper

on a chipotle summer afternoon
when water drips from pores
and the red pepper sun
leaves pillars of salt on sidewalks
the onion powder of my heart
aches for garlic in powdered form
for spice and distilled vinegar
not so much sugar
but pepper pulp
a red sunset and cosmic shade
to cover a habanero night


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