NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 14

From Chris:

“Write an Anaphora …. An Anaphora (from Greek roots meaning ‘carrying back’) is a rhetorical device and in prose and poetry consists of repeating a word or phrase at the beginnings of clauses, phrases, stanzas etc… that creates emphasis and rhythm.”

what if

what if the sky fell
and what if we were not who we thought we were
what if we didn’t need the sky
we could just move on without it
but then
what if we found out
who we really were
and we needed the sky
would clouds count
could clouds still exist without a sky to wander
what if you met one who could
what if I never found you
what if there were no ground
would falling still be falling
without any reference otherwise
what if we were birds
with no sky
and no ground
what if there was no one around
to hear us sing
what if
we suddenly remembered
who we are
and it turns out we really are birds
what if…

From me:

Rhyme time! Write a rhyming poem using any combination of end rhymes and internal rhymes.

sometimes a lime can be
a substitute for bubble tea
but I wouldn’t couldn’t and
shouldn’t trade jade for sand

and tea can be jade kind of
if it evaporates or rises above
the confusion on the topic
of which leaf sheaf is the top pick


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