NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 15

From Chris:

“Choose two to three poems you’ve written in the last 15 to 30 days. Use three to five word phrases from these poems to create a brand new poem at least 8 lines in length”

I’ve also been following along with the Writer’s Digest Poem A Day challenge as well. I haven’t been posting those attempts here because when I started posting on the 31st the prompt for the first wasn’t posted yet, and I got into a habit of posting here and there at different times. So for this prompt, I will use lines from the poems I’ve posted to Writer’s Digest.

collateral neurosis (Day 12 theme: damage)

ice cream truck (Day 11 theme: seasonal)

I don’t love you (Day 7 theme: love or anti-live)

without labels (Day 6 theme: things not as they appear)

as one machine (Day 3 theme: machine poem)

as one machine
screams over the silence
another sings
to itself
creating collateral neurosis
wherever it goes
the ice cream truck jingle
grows louder
louder than the other machine can bear
“I don’t love you!” it shouts
but no one can hear
over the hypnotic jingle
they all walk outside
their faces without labels
they order
and grow fatter
and the next day
the process

From me:

Half way there! Write a poem which explores the passage of time.

there was a weed
no one saw
it grew quietly
until it reached
its leaves and stem
up to the sun
and its leaves
flopped down
upon the ground
and the stem
grew tall
and grew a bud
which one day
opened like a lion
shaking its mane
and all was dandy
until the bees buzzed by
hopping from flower
to flower
dizzy with pollen and nectar
this flower
opened wide
and wider than it knew possible
its yellow fading and falling away
it became a pale sphere
a network of potential
new flowers
held in longing
not wanting to part
but knowing the inevitable
and then
you came along
and made a wish
blowing flower seeds
every which way
the wind knows
and one drifting seed
landed in an immaculate
patch of green
and found its way
to ground
where water was absorbed
and it sunk into
deeper slumber
no one saw
as it grew quietly
to begin

It was only an afterthought, but after I already made my list I noticed that April is the beginning season of dandelions, and I wanted to add a new prompt to write a dandelion poem, but there weren’t any days left… But now I have my dandelion poem from another prompt! So its all good 🙂


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