NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 16

From Chris:

“Write a Rondel. 3 Stanzas, thirteen lines, two rhymes, the first line will be repeated twice, the second line once.”
It looks like this:

A (refrain 1)
B (refrain 2)

A (refrain 1)
B (refrain 2)

A (refrain 1)

it was only a matter of time
they were so self righteous
with such strict tightness
for us living was a crime

but in this fearful clime
there came a brightness
it was only a matter of time
people saw through the righteous

and were moved beyond the grime
carried by a lightness
they were tired of triteness
people yearned for the sublime
it was only a matter of time

From me:

Write a poem in response to a quotation, include the quote as an epigram.

“all strange and terrible events are welcome, but comforts we despise”

crafting the perfect id
is a task fit for throwing fits
we welcome disruption
the ordinary is entropy
leeching time away from our futures
the status quo
a void where sunlight
drains away
leaving only a radiant cold
frosting marrow and perspective
is good
but slavery to comfort
is still slavery
how can one who has never not known comfort
know why the rest of us need newness?
crave it
even when it disrupts all we long for
the grave is a very comfortable place
you don’t hear any complaints do you?
comfort is appreciated in contrast
without contrast
there is only fear


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