NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 17

From Chris:

“Write 2 Septolets.”

“The easier one to write consists of 14 words spread over 7 lines. You have 4 lines then a blank line and then three more lines.”

“The other type is a syllable Septolet. Line 1- one syllable word Line 2- two syllables (one or two words) Line 3- three syllables Line 4- four syllables, Line 5 three syllables, Line 6-two syllables”

“Keep in mind, you are creating one quick picture or scene with the Septolet, perhaps from different perspectives or viewpoints.”


delivered by hand
they didn’t get
the message

they arrested
the mailman


ended with
thunderous claps
despite or because
of a broken cello

From me:

Write a poem about an argument you had with someone which you regret having.

I’m sorry
I told you
did not exist

I’m sorry
believed me


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